The team

Panayotis Vryonis


Panayotis founded Longaccess to make sure his two year old daughter will find her first photos when she is old enough to appreciate them. He is fascinated with the Web and how it is changing our lives. When he is not working, he likes to take care of his garden while listening to podcasts.

Nikos Roussos


Nikos has been involved in Open Source communities and projects for more than ten years. He stopped worrying and fell in love with web development and python very early. When not coding you will find him biking under the Athens night sky.

Kostas Koukopoulos


After having worked on the provision of IT services for the research and academic community, Konstantinos now feels lucky in creating something valuable to a broader range of people. When not coding and admin'ing, he rides his bike to social dances, yoga practices and outdoor trails.

Fivos Avgerinos


A recent business graduate with a master's in logistics, has decided to turn his passion for pixel-perfect design into a career. He is thrilled to be part of this amazing team. When not designing and coding, he loves organizing and talking about his next trip abroad.

Theofanis Tokas


Fanis' previous work mainly includes working in large scale projects for the Greek Ministry of Education, so working with a startup is a great expanding opportunity for him. His language of choice across the desktop and the web is C#. When not coding, he likes tinkering his smartphone, video games and driving his car.

The Whale


The Whale, is a Balaena mysticetus, also known as Bowhead Whale. It can grow to 20m in length and can weigh 75 to 100 tonnes. Social and non-aggressive, those huge mammals are among the longest living animals on earth: Recent data has shown they can even reach 200 years of age.